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Thinking about having a roommate $750
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Good day everyone. Hope all is well. I'm currently considering having a roommate in my 2bdrm, 1ba apartment. I have not had the best luck with roommates (it's amazing that people can't do basic stuff or expect me to take care of them). So, I'll go slowly and be very detailed so you know what I am (and most definitely am NOT) looking for in a roommate.

About the apartment: I am in an AMAZING location. A 10 mins walk from Stadium-Armory Metro (3 train line access point with 3 late night buses) and with a late-night bus and the DC streetcar stopping within 2 blocks of the house. There is street parking. The building is a very quiet 4 unit building with coin laundry facilities. It is incredibly safe around here at all hours of the day. The room available is 11ftx9.5ft. There are a dishwasher and garbage disposal as well.

About the bills: First, a deposit of a month's rent is required and all utilities will be required payment upon moving in. If you cannot pay a deposit, you are not ready to move and wasting your time. The bills in the house are Wifi (1 gig Fios), electric and gas. This will be an even split on these bills. The rent for the second room is $750 per month. Generally, plan on an extra $100 per month for all the utilities. I will give preference to anyone that can show me a credit report ). I may make this a requirement as I have good credit and will NOT have that messed up) You must also be employed and able to show me proof. I am not making any deals. I didn't make a deal to move in here and am not interested in bartering.

About whom I want: I need a GROWN person. Someone who is RESPONSIBLE not only in paying their bills on time but also in living with another person. This means CLEANLINESS and CONSIDERATION. This is NOT debatable. If you can't clean up behind yourself or think others should because you're a lazy SOB (this INCLUDES your room), you will NOT be welcomed here. If you are disrespectful and inconsiderate, you will NOT be welcomed here. If you cannot pay your bills or annoy me in some other crazy way, you got it....:) I also need a GROWN person I do not have to constantly check upon (i.e. did you pay this bill, clean this up, take that out, etc). I want someone who naturally wants to contribute to the home where they live. However, at the VERY least, I will NOT tolerate leeches/users who just try to get over on things. You will NOT be welcomed here.

Other little info. I am unfortunately not pet-friendly. Also, you HAVE to be 420 friendly. You can part take or not. However, I do NOT want the whole house to smell like a dispensary (you will need to invest in "smell goods" if you part take, i.e. incense, spray, etc)...:)

I know this was a lot, but it needs to be put out there to save time for everyone involved. So, if you think you're a match (again a MATCH, not someone who thinks this will be good for just themselves), then shoot me a message and tell me about yourself. The more info you give, the less I have to ask. I will let you know, I will NOT "pull teeth". If I have to ask you a bunch of questions to get a sense of who you are, I will move on. This is a personality match up for me. If I can't get a sense of your personality, I will not be interested. I also require a face to face meeting prior to moving forward (if you don't have 10 mins to meet with me, you are not welcomed to live with me). The room is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Bedroom: 1
Bathroom: 1
Availability: Available Now
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Cable TV, Heating, Wifi
Pets: No Pets Allowed
Parking: Street Parking
Laundry: Washer & Dryer in Building
House Rules: 420 Friendly, No Smoking Allowed
Roommate(s) Gender Preference: Male Identifying
Roommate(s) Age Preference: 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45
Oklahoma and E st NE Washington, DC United States 20002
About the service provider

Too much to put on here. Ask me most things...:)

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