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Stoner Friendly Room Available 6/1 in NE DC - $700 + Util
Detailed Description

My current roommate will be moving out to live with a friend leaving an open spot for a new roommate in my NE DC apartment. She is moving out partway through a one year lease meaning you would be replacing her for the remainder of the lease (till 11/30/19) with the option to renew with me if we get along great or move on.

The details:

* **Timing:** The room will be available starting 6/1. As I mentioned, you’re coming in partway through a one year lease that ends 11/30/19.

* **Location:** This area is called 'Kingman Park' on a map, but in more well known descriptors, right next to the H Street Corridor in NE DC. Walking distance from all the things you need. Aldi and Safeway are a couple short blocks away as is CVS. There’s a Trader Joe’s, Whole Paycheck - I mean Whole Foods a bit farther out! All kinds of nifty bars and eating establishments close by. Eastern Market is about a 20 minute walk. The Stadium-Armory metro is a 15 minute walk away. The H Street trolley can also take you up to Union Station. This area is right off the highway which is very convenient in minimizing the amount of city driving you have to do to get out of the city. Some would say this is the 'hood'. At first impression, many assume this area is rough, but in my 4 years of living here, that hasn't been an issue. If you don't buy into racial stereotypes and can be a courteous human being, no one will bother you. The neighbors will throw street parties, smoke copious amounts of ganja, and play loud music, but they are also nice to you so long as you are nice to them.

* **Cost:** Rent is $1400 for the whole apartment which would be split evenly between us. Your share would be $700. Utilities are not included in the rent and also equally split. I would say it averages around $75 - $100 a month for electricity, gas, and internet depending on the time of the year. When it's realllllly cold, it can get more expensive, but the utilities are typically less than we expect. No cable. Could be added if you desire it, but that cost would be entirely yours. You will also need a $700 security deposit to move in. I believe the application fee is still $50, but will confirm with my landlord.

* **Pets:** I have a bearded dragon right now and will likely be getting another beardy at some point. The landlord does allow cats and dogs. 2 of our neighbors have dogs, former neighbors have had cats. Very pet friendly place. Additional pet rent may apply for cats or dogs. My pet rent is only $.01 but that is likely because I have reptiles who stay in their vivariums rather than be out and about in the apartment. I am open to pets so long as they are the friendly kind ^.^

* **The Space:** Here are some pictures of the apartment: The 15x15 space is my room. The 15x10 space is what you would be moving into. It's kinda weird in that there are windows in the wall adjacent to the back room. DC architecture at it's finest, the back room used to be a porch we think. You can close the windows if you want though you'll want to have them open in the summer as we only have window AC and the closest to you is in the window in the back room. There is a ceiling fan in the room. Privacy hasn't been a huge issue for us, but we can discuss boundaries as needed. Current roommate uses fabric to cover the window while keeping it open. In general, if your bedroom door is closed, I will assume you want to be left in peace. Other systems can be put into place if needed.

*We have a hallway kitchen that is fairly new. All in one washer/dryer that was replaced recently so actually dries stuff alright so long as you don’t give it too big of a load ;-) I use a drying rack in the back room to air dry some things. No dish washer. I love to cook so we have a good amount of kitchen stuffs including a toaster oven and a kitchen-aid mixer. I am very specific about the handling of my cookware since it is very top quality stuff. I don't mind sharing these things, but it would be under the condition that you respect my rules for using my stuff. There is enough room to have your own cookware if you'd prefer not to stress about that and I won't at all be offended if you go that route ^.^ Kitchen is well stocked in terms of implements and basics. If you have stuff of your own to bring to the kitchen, we can figure out how to mesh it together with mine.

*The bathroom is brand new and decorated like a hippy shroom forest courtesy of yours truly. The apartment decor in general is pretty bright and whimsical throughout with dollops of nerdy such as the wall installed Diablo beer opener.

*The back room currently contains my grow tent, a coat closet, and a table + some storage shelves. Not a whole lot going on back there, open to modification. Hoping to set up more storage shelves and get a smaller table as the current one eats up too much space.

*The apartment does not have central AC and has radiator heating. There is one AC unit in my bedroom and one in the backroom as previously mentioned. It can get schwetty in the hot summer months at times.

* **Parking:** There are 2 parking spaces behind the building that are free for all among the 4 apartments in this building. Usually it’s me and one of the neighbors parked there. We can work things out amongst ourselves if you also have a car. Otherwise it's street parking which there's typically plenty of. It has never been an issue for anyone who has visited me. I've never had to park on a different street in the times that the back parking spaces were not available.

* **Lifestyle:** I work 10-7 during the week and tend to be an evening person. This is a cannabis friendly space and I do grow with my hydroponic set up in the back room. It's not necessary that you partake, but you must be friendly to it. I am a rave kid and known to enjoy rave kid activities. This is also a thing you will need to be friendly with as that is not changing anytime soon. Kink friendly and sex positive space. I fuck alot and I'm not quiet about it. Former roommates never seemed to hear me even when I think the whole neighborhood can hear me. The neighbors either can't hear me, don't care, or are fapping to my sex noises. You're also welcome to fuck alot too of course, if that's your thing. Casual nudist here, but it’s not a must have for me. If you feel the same way about pants being oppression, we can have a clothing optional living situation. Don’t mind staying covered in shared areas either if you’re more comfortable that way. Trans and queer friendly a must since I am trans. Environmentally conscious preferred. I'm a save the planet, tree hugging type of hippy. You don't have to be that much an environmentalist, but a willingness to recycle and turn things off when you're not using them would be good <3

* **About Me:** Hi I'm Kip ^.^ I work in tech support in DC by day. Rainbow goth, faggy kandi Daddy, journeyman shaman, flow artist, and hobby chef by night. I love to cook and enjoy trying new recipes. I go to lots of festivals and love camping. While I don't often have much time for it, I enjoy video games here and there as well as board games. I'm fairly laid back, passionate about my chosen causes, friendly and kind to a fault, open and honest because I find that's the most wholesome way to be. I enjoy having a cozy nest where friends are welcome and everyone takes care of one another. I'm not the neatest person on the planet, but do strive to keep common areas in good shape even if my personal space is messy.

If this interests you, please message me about yourself, your living style, and anything else you'd like to share ^.^

Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
Availability: Within 30 Days
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Heating, Wifi
Pets: Pet-friendly
Parking: Street Parking
Laundry: Washer & Dryer in Unit
House Rules: 420 Friendly, Not Suitable for Events
Roommate(s) Age Preference: Any
Kingman park WASHINGTON, DC United States 200025548
About the service provider

31 y/o enby trans boy (he/him/his). Gay but chaotic enough to pursue anyone who strikes my fancy regardless of how they identify. Reptile lover, passionate amateur chef, craft beer lover but tries not to be too snobby, rainbow goth, kandi kid, gaymer, music lover, nature lover, super enjoys camping, flow artist (leviwands for the win!), kind to a fault, open minded and very laid back.

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