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Seeking room/roommate in NoVa area!
Detailed Description

Me and my kitty are looking for a new place. I work at Dulles so i need to be within a half hour drive preferably until the silver line station is open. . Im male identifying and 22, I dont smoke, i barely drink, but you might come out in the morning and find my face painted blue and me dressed in cloaks and dresses(cosplay). Aphrodite, my cat is 4 years old now, very respectful, a simple " no" will be enough to discourage her most things. She is affectionate, talkative and very soft.

Move-in Date: July 15
I like to keep my home...: Lived in but not messy
Preferred Amenities: Air Conditioning, All Utilities Included, Wifi
Which of these words best describes you?: Night Owl
Work Schedule: Working full-time
Smoker?: No
How do you feel about overnight guests?: Im fine with jt as long as im left to my own devices and its not too loud.
How do you feel about pets?: Love them but my own doesnt like cats and dogs
Roommate(s) Gender Preference: Female Identifying, Male Identifying, Non-binary
Roommate(s) Age Preference: 18-25, 25-30
Nova Centreville, Virginia United States 20121
About the service provider

Male identifying cosplayer and Dungeon Master with a 4 year old kitty named Aphrodite

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