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USD $775.00 / month

Rooms for rent Across from Stadium Armory Metro on East Capitol
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Good day everyone. Hope all is well. I'm currently looking to have 2 rooms in our amazing group house available VERY soon. I'm looking to rent these 2 rooms to great individuals.

About the house: We are in an AMAZING location. Directly across the street from Metro (3 train line access point) and with 3 late night buses all stopping within a block of the house. We have street parking (can be a little competitive) and back parking in case you don't have DC tags (however, that's competitive also). We have the top 2 levels of a house with a single, separate unit below us. There are currently 4 rooms total in the house. The house has your standard set up with a few nice perks. We have a nice back yard with a fire pit. We have a fireplace in the house. We have rooftop access (you can go up there and have a drink and watch the sunset...:)). We have a washer and dryer as well as a dishwasher. There are central heat and air as well. We also have solar panels, reducing the electric bill dramatically. It is incredibly safe around here at all hours of the day.

About the roomies: Currently, there is 1 room outside of mine that is occupied. It's occupied by a couple. We are ONLY looking for progressive-minded people. Keep all your hate and ignorance to yourself. With that being said, with only 3 people in the house currently, we have a female, a trans-male and myself (black gay male). So, if you are NOT open to different people, you are NOT welcomed here. At this point, we live our own lives and hardly see each other. I would like a more communitive group home, but, it's NOT necessary (I'm more interested in you paying your bills and respecting the house than us all having dinner and singing around the fire pit...LOL).
About the bills: So, there are currently 2 rooms for rent at the moment. The room on the top level of the house is the smaller of the 2. If I had to guess, I'd say it's 10x10. You would share the bathroom with 3 other rooms technically (however, the second room has a half bath with it and will be the main restroom for the person in the 2nd room). The rent of the first room is $775 per month. The 2nd room is on the lower level of the house and is the sunroom of the house. It's about twice the size of the other room and comes with a half bathroom for personal use. It is also the only room on that level, increasing your privacy. It also gets amazing light, esp in the morning (but has shades for my fellow vampires...LOL). The other personal perk of the room is that it comes with a HUGE prop up closet that acts as a wall also. And, unto the negative...LOL Being the sunroom, the room has no door. I understand how this may sound. However, I have lived here since July and have gone on several vacations (being away 5 days minimum each) and have never had my stuff touched or had anyone enter my space without permission. Currently, I'm using 2 dividers as a "door". No problem allowing them to be used until personal dividers can be obtained. The common bills in the house are Wifi (1 gig Fios), Electric (minimal due to solar panels on the roof) and water. We split these bills by the number of people in the house (not the number of rooms). The rent for the second room is $825 per month. Generally, plan on an extra $100 per month for all the utilities. The rooms will also require a deposit and credit check. You must also be employed. We can work with the deposit depending on the situation. However, this is not a charity or homeless shelter and NO, we cannot help anyone out. We are trying to make it ourselves...:)

About whom we want: We need GROWN people. People who can be RESPONSIBLE not only in paying their bills on time but in living with other people. This means CLEANLINESS and CONSIDERATION. This is NOT debatable. If you can't clean up behind yourself or think others should because you're a lazy SOB, you will NOT be welcomed here. If you are disrespectful and inconsiderate, you will NOT be welcomed here. If you cannot pay your bills, you got it....:) I also need GROWN people I do not have to constantly check upon (i.e. did you pay this bill, clean this up, take that out, etc). I want someone who naturally wants to contribute to the home where they live. However, at the VERY least, I will NOT tolerate leeches/users who just try to get over on things. You will NOT be welcomed here.

Other little info. We are unfortunately not pet-friendly. Also, you HAVE to be 420 friendly. You can part take or not. However, we do NOT want the whole house to smell like a dispensary...:)

I know this was a lot, but it needs to be put out there to save time for everyone involved. So, if you think you're a match (again a MATCH, not someone who thinks this will be good for just themselves), then shoot me a message and tell me about yourself. I will let you know, I will NOT "pull teeth". If I have to ask you a bunch of questions to get a sense of who you are, I will move on. I also require a face to face meeting prior to moving forward. The rooms are on a first come, first serve basis.

Bedroom: 4
Bathroom: 2
Availability: Within 30 Days
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Backyard, Heating, Rooftop Access, Wifi
Pets: No Pets Allowed
Parking: Street Parking
Laundry: Washer & Dryer in Unit
House Rules: 420 Friendly, No Smoking Allowed
East Capitol Street Southeast Washington, District of Columbia United States 20003
About the service provider

Too much to put on here. Ask me most things...:)

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