About Queer Housing

Queer Housing is an LGBTQ+ online community created to provide one space where people from all over the country can connect with other like-minded people in their search for housing. 

Yes! we are all about helping people find housing and roommates but Queer Housing is designed to be an online classifieds website. We want to support LGBTQ+ communities both locally and nationally by providing a platform for our members to connect with others in so many other areas as well.

Queer Housing is a place to sell, rent, swap and share goods and services!

Looking for a yoga studio that embodies body positivity and diversity? Namaste! Where is the studio located? Do you have an awesome connection for a hairstylist? Yaasss queen! Tell us about them! and/or ask them to promote their services on Queer Housing! No matter what you are looking for, we want to be queer for you!

Queer Housing is an inclusive community which means all humans are welcome to join. However, our number one policy is that prejudice and bias have no place here.

We hope to grow this community with your support and extend our reach beyond this online platform; This is just the beginning!

Please contact us hello@queerhousing.org with your feedback and testimonials of your success stories. We are interested in hearing from you!